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Custom Logo Stamp

Custom Logo Stamp

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100% made in house! This is a handcrafted and made to order item. The stamp is mounted to a wood block, and your logo is engraved on the wooden block.

Made out of: rubber stamp material and wooden blocks

Sizing: Is in length, from left to right. Height will vary based on your logo. Please keep this in mind when picking sizing.

Please also note that the 1" and 1.5" sizes are very small. About the size of a penny and nickel. Not all designs are suited for such a small size. If you submit a logo that we feel will not stamp nicely at those sizes we will ask that you upgrade the size or we can refund the order.



1. HI RESOLUTION files only. At least 300 DPI and must be at least the size of the stamp you are purchasing.
2. Recommended file types include PDF, EPS, AI, SVG.
3. Artwork should be all black and white, simple design. No Shadows, Shading etc. Flat images only. All text converted to outlines.
4. We do not accept screenshots, low resolution images, or images that have color. Your logo should be in all black and white. If you send us a logo that is not to the standards above we will ask you resubmit the proper image which can delay your order.
5. Please email your logo to after you place your order and put your order# in the subject line.

Ink pads not included!

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